720 ABC Perth Radio: Unpredictable fuel prices

David Byrne interviewed by Geoff Hutchison on the Morning Show on 720 ABC Perth Radio at 10:30am Thursday 11 June 2015.

The weekly fuel price cycle in Perth has been described by FuelWatch as being less predictable.

For many years the cheapest day to buy petrol in Perth was on a Wednesday with the price shooting up on Thursday. Things have changed. There has been a move to break the petrol cycle and FuelWatch say the cheapest day is now unknown.

We asked on mornings what lengths do you go to chasing the cheapest petrol prices. Shaun said “I don’t bother. The four or five dollars isn’t worth the wait at a busy service station on a Wednesday night and Tania said “Drive free on sunshine instead – I save thousands charging my electric car on solar”

David Bryne is a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Melbourne. He has written papers on fuel cycles around the world and in Perth. He told Geoff Hutchison on mornings “You should never shop by brand”.

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