Flavio Menezes

CMD visitor March – April 2015


Flavio visited the CMD as part of his year-long travelling sabbatical. During his stay he worked on a number of papers: Auctions with an asking price, Dynamic and static asking prices in the Sydney housing market, Emissions abatement R&D Dynamic Competition in Supply Schedules, and a paper on ‘dealership equilibria’ which he presented at the University of Melbourne in May 2015. During his stay he also interacted with CMD staff on a number of live policy issues.

Flavio joined The University of Queensland in June 2006 after more than a decade at the Australian National University, where he was Foundation Director of the Australian Centre of Regulatory Economics. He has published over 50 journal articles on the economics of auctions, competition and regulatory economics, industrial organization, and market design.

He is regarded as Australia’s leading auction expert and author of a well-known textbook on auction theory published by Oxford University Press. His research interests include: Market Design and Regulation; Industrial and Competition Economics, Incentives and Organisations; and Public Economics and Taxation.  Flavio is a current CMD board member. He also worked on a successful CMD project relating to the sale of oil and gas exploration licences.

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