Guillem Roig

CMD visitor January – June 2015


The Centre for Market Design welcomed Guillem Roig on a six month research fellowship at the University of Melbourne. Guillem completed his PhD at the Toulouse School of Economics in 2014. His research interests include contract theory, industrial organisation, game theory and applied economics.

During his stay he worked on the papers: Competition and the hold-up problem a setting with non-exclusive contracts and Informative advertising and product design in differentiated product market. He also participated in the Australasian theory workshop organised by Deakin University in February 2015.

Guillem gave seminars at Melbourne University, Deakin University and Monash University. He also worked with CMD members on a policy project on the procurement of legal services for the Victorian state government. In addition Guillem undertook an independent research program and participated in CMD activities with the Economic Theory and Experiments Unit and the Economics Department’s research program.

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