Technology transforming markets

One-day workshop in December 2014: Technology transforming markets: Large-­scale field experiments in electricity use

Topics included:

  • How consumers respond to information about household consumption and benchmarking relative to their peers
  • Impact of retailer energy information services on customer loyalty •
  • Within‐retailer plan switching and customer responses to time‐of‐use price schedules
  • Retail market impacts of customer heterogeneity revealed by smart meters
  • To what extent the benefits of smart meters are shared by low–‐income or otherwise vulnerable populations

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Workshop resources:

  1. ARB_Dec_2014_Melbourne
  2. CCIF workshop flyer 031214
  3. CCIFchurn111214
  4. Gill Owen, MSI – Smart meters, tariff choices and equity – Melbourne University 11 Dec 2014
  5. Inequity of Flat Rate Tariffs – Dynamic + Demand Tariffs
  6. Puller_retail_Melbourne