Mini-course: Methods for model-based micro-economic policy analysis

Presented by Christopher Ferrall
Queen’s University, Professor of Economics

Course outline

This is an intensive mini-course on dynamic structural econometric analysis, policy analysis and experiments. The target audience is PhD students and faculty in economics departments and research institutes with minimal-to-no background on structural econometrics looking for an introduction to these methods. While labour economics has a long-history of employing dynamic structural models for policy evaluation, these methods are now prevalent in many fields of economics such as public, industrial organisation, development, health and environmental economics. Beyond covering fundamental structural econometric methods, the mini-course will also introduce students to a freely available program called niqlow, an interactive computing environment for estimating and solving dynamic structural models.

About the speaker

Christopher Ferrall is Professor of Economics at Queen’s University. His research focuses on developing and applying dynamic structural econometric methods for policy evaluation. His papers have been published in many leading economics journals including the Review of Economic Studies, Review of Economics and Statistics, International Economic Review, Journal of Human Resources and Journal of Business and Economics Statistics.
See his homepage for details.

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